Gamers and Running

The thing about us gamers though, is that we don’t exercise a lot. If we do nothing but gaming our bodies will decay with perhaps the exception of our hands and fingers (if you know what I’m talking about, ladies 😉 ). Therefore, a surprisingly large amount of the gaming community has taken on the habit of running. It is the ultimate game, practically playable anywhere and the console is just a pair of shoes.

There is a running boom in the gaming community, similar to the one the USA experienced during the 70s. The days when Nike-founder Bill Bowerman came home from a trip to New Zealand where he met the legend Arthur Lydiard and brought the term “jogging” back to the American people, who produced runners like Steve Prefontaine and Frank Shorter.

The technique

Gamers however, like they do with everything, goes deeper into the game than just execution. Some of them are hiring online running coaches to help them better their technique. Some of them are attending workshops to correct the way they run. Some of them buy books on bio-mechanics and physiology.

I believe that times are changing, and gamers are changing with them. With this modern age comes the evolved gamer; the supreme human being. He knows more than just computer games, even though that’s his path and purpose in life. He knows how to game his career, how to game the women he desires, and last but not least how to run with the proper technique.