History of WEIRD GUNS in Call of Duty

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You’re gonna hear this I Hate myself for that but oh, oh we quick match. There’s enough people to play cod – this is crazy Oh, I actually really like this map okay for coal duty – this is kind of tricky because there’s not as many weapons and every single class is just pre done – at the mp40 the karna tak that Gewehr the scope spawns a trench gun and then p44 There’s really not too many weird guns on this game. So I think I’m just gonna go with the trench gun reach watch Oh, all right. I put the timer We’ve got a minute to play Cod – I forgot you can’t even sprint this. This is weird. Don’t search screen wheel out So we have to talk X alone Yeah, just try to find someone blast him with the trench gun Really not any weird Duncan caught we to be fair because it’s a world war two Cod game.

So nothing quite as 50 or unique as infinite warfare That’s okay I Really enjoyed the campaign port Are you kingi Maybe thought that weird I don’t have time to watch the killcam. I gotta get kills. Otherwise this coke counters best at zero Be pretty Okay This is not going well for total defeat Super awesome great done laser weapon. I Think that’s die waiting in here a lot of time five seconds There we go got one kill Yeah, all right, well, I’m leaving cod2 now time for cold dude III just like that it goes by so fast All right here we are call duty 3 this is probably gonna be a pretty similar experience as what just happened on coal Duty – I’m basically Just gonna quick match. There’s gonna go to this reviews website be preset classes But if I’m not mistaken call – before he does have some weirder weapons or at least there’s some weirder like how do I describe?

Coal to d3 has some pretty interesting mechanics that they added to the multiplayer. I’m not gonna play the four tide dance song I’m gonna get annoyed by that we’re going back to the alarm Yeah, okay. We got plus hole. I guess I’m just have to auto select.

I look so ugly right now I should also just mention that these are the weapons that I think are weird I know you guys might not necessarily like completely agree that I’m picking the weirdest all-time weapons look for colder t3 I’m gonna go with the mg34 because when you use an LMG, you’re forced to lay down Which is pretty weird and we’re starting the timer now, let’s go. Oh I Forgot oh, you can’t sprint in this either. I completely forgot when I go to sprint. I actually just lay down. That’s weird Oh, yeah, when you go to shoot this thing, it’s gonna automatically like force you to drop shot You know when you like lay down up, okay couple wanna buy a tank, that’s not good also, um, Might a Mayan capture the flag.

I’m in capture the flag. That’s what happens for quick matching Oh, well, I mean it’s cold to be free. It’s not that big of a deal We’re gonna get to some other Col 2d games very soon here and they’re gonna have much weirder guns I mean, I just want to point this out though If you want to aim your LMG and call to be free you got a frog it’s the only way to do it Also that explosion nice quality else.

We got a dead cow over there mmm Anyone any enemies? I think there’s only three people and he’s literally just spawn trapping with a tank Good job, buddy. You ruined this pretty much. I’m not gonna get any kills this. Uh, I don’t like hold a degree It’s a goofy game.

The vehicles are hilarious, but Yeah, no kills just utter failure. So that my friends is gonna take us to cold 84 good old bald 84. Here we go So now we actually have creative class so I could try to pick a really weird weapon I have a scorpion ACOG, which by default is pretty weird, but I don’t know if it’s gonna take the cake I’m just kind of looking at the weapons here. I’m gonna try to see if there is anything weirder. I don’t know I think the Scorpion ACOG might be one of the weirdest things. I look at this class https://www.fandom.com/.

It’s just so utterly terrible I’m gonna go with that now, there’s still 3,000 people playing cod 4, that’s awesome. Okay, we got TDM on ambush All right. Here we go We’re using the subscribe class clicking start and we’re gonna gotta try to do as many kills as I can with the scorpion I was gonna say also look I Can’t switch my pistol. I got it. He’s just the Scorpion ACOG. Otherwise That would not be good You got Chuck or not where my aim go?

Oh My goodness no, no This is so difficult. I mean, uh Turbinate cogs totally Oh Pete’s just so great guys Oh That’s what it’s good for it’s good for shooting the cars and blowing people up not actually doing them. Oh Yeah, come on local KFC joins. Are you kidding me didn’t kill by my own KFC Don’t do me like this Okay, local KFC Shop. Wait, get the joint and the shop in the same lobby. What is going on?

How do they coordinate this? I’m worried home of this isn’t a hack lobby. That might still happen on Kron 4. I don’t know.

Oh my Wow, I don’t think I actually got any kills with the gun and There you go. This is a struggle. This is hard. I was not expecting this kind of challenge But here we go roll the war I was gonna say I love doing these types of videos because it allows me to go back on every single old call to the Game, see how the games are doing.

Even if it is just for a brief minute It gives you a taste. It gives you a nice little sampling of each game world The world only has seven hundred and fifty players dang, dude, that is brutal out of all my boost classes I need to make one that’s gonna be weird We’re back to a world war two Cod, which doesn’t really have too many weird guns and try to find some all No, I’m doing we’re gonna do the DP 28. Oh, yeah, this is gonna be the class We’re using there’s only 50 people in the world playing TDM that’s brutal for world at war I found a game faster on Cod – that’s Wow. Yes.

We’ve got TDM on courtyard Oh, I love this map. One of the smaller maps. This should be good.

That’s not the DP 28. Here we go Click the start button and we’re going so this is why it’s so weird It’s mostly because well, it’s a giant like drum disk gun. It just looks weird. Oh Okay There we go two kills, I think that’s the record so far there we go up, okay I probably didn’t need to reload either. This thing has a lot of ammo things around 70 rounds And the only attachment you can get as a rifle Oh got a doggy away from me See how they handle this Just bring that that’s disgusting. Also, my aim is so boo god, this thing is hard to use.

I should use the bipod attachment but I’m not I have a good chance Actually do that. Look at this a bunch of noobs actually playing which is great Oh, well, they have dogs get away from me. Come on need kills this dude. Just kind of camping in a court Hi, I’ve got a lot of kills girl right now.

I’ve got three it’s not too bad. They got stupid dogs though hate the dog What’s the for come on, my boo aim over there? The dog was like chewing on me moving my aim and we’re out of time, but I got four kills That’s actually pretty good. That was stressful.

Why have you drawn a game with dogs dude so unlucky, but yeah, next up is modern warfare 200 xbox you can’t you gotta be joking me you cannot just be down Okay, we’re on modern warfare 2 knives to try to find the weirdest gun on here Okay. Well, I pretty much always have a weird class on every single call duty game. I’m kind of torn I feel like they have 2,000 would be pretty good. I’m not too sure about some of these other gun I mean the wah, mm I mean it’s kind of weird then you have the riot show which was the first of its kind at the time but is it?

Weird though. That’s the question. Actually. You know what?

I’m gonna go ride chill the ride show was the first of its kind for modern warfare 2 it probably is the weirdest thing in The game why is it so hard to find and give him on warfare to? Wait what like I disconnected from xbox is trying to find a game. Oh, yeah. Yeah Yeah, come on work for – I felt gonna have to give up on one work for – my game is frozen again I think I’m just gotta pass on modern warfare – it’s just not working right now. I apologize I had to skip bottom or 32 because it was just taking too long I couldn’t find any game start moving on to black ops 1 right now I have to find the windows get on black ops 1 the g11 is kind of weird HSN is also kind of weird. I think I’m gonna go with the HSN akimbo and crossbow.

Let’s find the TDM Oh, we got a new town. Okay. Well, this will be perfect for the shotguns All right. We got our class and we’re starting right now. Oh, there’s someone second chance. I’m not picking you up So yeah, um the weapons for black ops 1 they’re not really all that weird I guess but you gotta do the best that you can what you have.

I Don’t know. I mean was it this is the first crossbow Nicole do you so I mean I guess that warrants trying to use the crossbow just miss both my shots there We’re on Newtown. So if I can get close to some people and blasting with a shotgun Or they can just be in a corner can’t look at the moss. Love it, man Just that’s my memory of black ops 1 right there for sure That’s pretty much all I would play against take it on a regular basis Maybe I can find someone to kill him. I don’t know.

What do we already switch sides. This is Not good, not good But yeah, the guns on black ops want to really not fall that where it looks like. I start school. Haha.

I’m blow them up And maybe I can pretty fire that and get someone. I don’t know There’s our Kimbo Fred. She’s Putting some work. There we go. There we go. Two seconds good fight someone Nope there’s a guy ah, I get him.

Yes. I’ll get him hang out up shut up phone I Got blood by mortar. That’s gonna be it for black ops 1 now We’re moving on to modern warfare 3 and I need the disc It’s so weird like for some of these games you need the disks and for others you don’t like you don’t need the discs for Black ops 1. Alright, here we go.

Wonder how many people are on modern warfare 3 right now It should be interesting considering that black ops 1 says that it has over half a million people still playing Yeah, we can’t even find a game on my homework fair – I get the xm25 That’s kind of weird you the airburst grenade launcher. They’ll do that in the ride shield. Not a bad combo actually It’s a horrible combo, but we’re gonna use it There’s still two hundred and ninety three thousand people play what forty-one thousand people on TDM.

We’ll have to wait and see Hey, there’s so many people on modern warfare 3. This is madness. I’m flabbergasted right now All right.

Here we go TDM on mission. This is gonna be an interesting one coding it. I didn’t click the timer.

Okay Well, there we go. I Am so sorry about that. I started the timer late. Oh I got someone well, I actually killed him. I blowing up a c4 but not bad.

There’s more people camping here. I’m pretty sure There we go, okay, I’m head. Well, I guess that’s really just the first kill because I wasn’t recording but okay, here we go We’re 40 seconds. Not too shabby.

I get this guy Nope. Is there someone over here? This is really difficult such a weird weapon And it’s honestly pretty humiliating to die from it. But huh?

What we’ll find. What was this guy? Wait was that killed by hours go by someone else wasn’t I what what is he doing? I don’t know what he was looking at.

That was very odd. But yeah, look at that throwing knife over there Come on. Oh, we got UAV. Ok, that’s good.

If I can actually get close to someone. I’m so slow with this thing It’s just it’s painfully slow Trying to move though get closer and get some kills. You only have three seconds. I got trying to fire off some shots The timer went up but I was someone to try to get some kills with I just blow someone else just much is no scope For me I hit him Well, okay, I think I’ve ruined this Lobby enough now we’re going to black ops 2 and I’m probably gonna need the disc. Yep Alright, it’s kinda try to find the weirdest cut on black ops 2. I think I’m gonna go with the KSG I think this is the first time that a col did a game attempted a slug shotgun I think I’m also gonna go with the executioner.

It’s like the shotgun pistol. Yep. That’s gonna be my class There’s actually not that many people playing black ops 2 right now There’s only about 3 to 4,000 people playing and yet we found a game pretty much instantly what we’re gonna be playing standoff TDM Here’s our class. We are starting right now Danita the KSG and the executioner’s this should be pretty interesting so the catch with the catch is you pretty much have to aim it for your shot to go straight and actually kill someone and I have wonder if I can use it. These people is my connect my connections.

Okay. Hmm. Okay. I just sucked them Already got 40 seconds. I seen rcxd going for this person but didn’t get him. There we go.

There’s a kill Keep it going. Nope. It is actually really hard to use the KS. Do you like it’s one of those guns? You actually have to just use a lot and get really familiar with before you start popping off with it But you can definitely do some really good stuff with the KSG I know I have in the past but man it is difficult to just hop back on.

Whops 2 and just truck whap everyone And a lot of them are using pistols. I think it’s really weird. We got 15 seconds left Maybe I’ll try to use the executioner’s real quick and get a kill Yes, there we go. We got a headshot.

Come on. Let’s keep it going. Keep going.

It’s more kills a little one not losing C4 well That was pretty much gonna be it right there. Well, how many cuz is it five kills? I think that’s our best so far No I said at the start of the video my face cam would change size depending on how much I like to call to the game Or not. Well guys here. We are gonna be playing some coal duty ghosts’ it needs an update a 2gig update What where’s this coming from guys?

Look I found a cat ash. Say hi Yeah gonna go space here we are Do you like space he wants to bite me Alright, I’m putting you back. Cuz ghost is ready. Alright time for some coal. Did he ghosts? Just gotta get the FaceCam signs, right?

That should do it. I just really like the game. That’s what my face game is.

So huge right now This is the Xbox one version of ghost, and it’s only 400 people playing Let’s listen world the war to LNG’s the chainsaw is pretty out there. We could put a curtain heal hunter on that I’d even know that or at least I completely forgot Let’s do it extended mags also So you can even find it stretch on 24/7 is pretty good at this one one person playing it So we’re gonna go to TDM. Maybe I can get really lucky and gets I got stole Haven.

How are you kidding me? Well, that’s a guaranteed zero kills guys. I oh My god, I junked myself. I should have tried to find strikes on 24/7. This is a cruel evil joke This game made me wait to download a two and a half gig update just to put me on this map. Just That is beautiful.

I didn’t change character so I don’t actually have my gun. Okay? I’m not gonna let this this game put me on Stonehaven. I’m just gonna use a regular gun You know, what? Here we go. Starting the timer The chainsaws not even really that weird.

I don’t know It’s just an LMG. You can’t fully 80s with it and you can put a grenade launcher on and I guess that’s weird sensitivities really high ferdos, holy And great map Just this huge huge place It’s very difficult to find people people voice crack there. Um wow He was following me for quite a while too. Well, that was 30 seconds right there Trying to find someone look there’s a tractor.

That’s cool. Okay. Um, I don’t know if I’ll be able find anyone I And look how laggy it gets when you aim. Oh I hit his butt.

Okay Shove aim for the knee. That’s a crit spot and ghosts the coolest game ever. Oh my goodness I have To use a thermal to try to find these people because it’s such a big map I missed wait behind me. Oh That turned on we got the one killing goes. Let’s go. Let’s go for it.

Let’s go. Boom Okay, I didn’t tell anyone at and that’s the time. Let’s get off this putrid game if you thought that was bad We’re going on advanced warfare next without just any advanced warfare We’re playing the 360 edition because I don’t have the actual game installed back to the tiny logo advanced Warfare if you guys didn’t see I recently played the 360 edition version of advanced warfare and I ran into an aimbot cheater in TDM Hopefully that doesn’t happen today The EP m3 is pretty weird, but I think I’m just gonna go with the em1 Probably the railgun pistol – alright, this is gonna be our class.

Let’s go find a TDM bound a game fast We’re on terra’s TDM again. Why is there always terrace when I first get on this game? All right I got the class and we’re clicking start Here we go back on one of my favorite call duty games again gonna XO him. Okay, I miss So the em1 is this like laser gun? It’s pretty pretty weird. I’d say and it’s actually killing pretty fast, which is pretty good It’s a super awesome and epic variants that I’ve got.

The em1 boner is extra damage so I can unfairly kill people Oh, well, okay. Oh my Joker face XD XD just got XD down so hard They’re disrespectful. Let me have the real gun pistol, which is a one-shot kind of pistol thingy once I kill this person Okay, they’re moving too much They’re x-wing all over the place. I can’t hit him. There we go. Get him one that dudes dead Come on excellent About to overheat my em1 it can’t do that It’ll explode Where this dude go he’s excellent.

I like some kill you Don’t you I’m so poop. Oh, well, okay that guy got him. Come on Get back over there everyone taking my kills like I’ll do it. I want more XOM one kills fun when you kick them Everyone is taking my kills sex Oh kill hoggers all this news. I’ve been playing with boom.

There we go Headshot and then oh look at my excellent I was gonna say look at my EXO skills, but XL clown has villas we’d have to jump off the map And we’re dead Alright moving on to black ops 3 this is gonna be the last game I’m playing the Xbox one. Then I’m gonna switch over to the PlayStation setup I had to read download infinite warfare because I deleted it earlier in the year I played an upload to the infinite warfare as the first video of the year and then just deleted the game. So Okay, kind of find some weird guns in this game and there are plenty of them a good chunk of them are weapons that were Put in supply drops – this one’s pretty weird. I’ll have that on for now. The Banshees pretty weird get the unlimited ammo LMG Oh, no, I think I’m gonna go to the disco in this I think I have a class of that already though What map do we get? Hunted.

Okay kind of a bigger map. I don’t know if I build a lot of kills I think the record is still black ops 2 with 5 kills. I’m not completely sure though I guess he’ll find out what I’m editing this. I’m really just hoping to pop off on infinite warfare That was B go my weird class. We’re starting now And we’re playing some demolition.

Ok, I was used to advanced Warfare’s movement already now. I’m like black ops 3 is very different Okay, there we go got a kill I think something you over here Joe wait for me. There we go got two kills with a nail gun already beautiful good stuff and just about forty seconds my fellow set a record here Oh, No, okay, I’m that person came from up top.

Oh my goodness. This is very different cuz I’m out playing team deathmatch I’m mixing it up a little bit trying to do some demolition but I really just wanted to do it because it’s the future game mode and sometimes it’s hard to find games on black ops 3 Also, I don’t know how those shots are not connect and kill that guy I’d only use the nail gun too much. So I don’t know if it’s any good but it’s uh Definitely a weird gun to add to black ops.

Okay. There we go. There’s three kills Oh and we diffused over there.

I think how we doing that can get someone with a disc gun Okay, I thought it was Bridget for a second I want to get triggered But yeah, that that’s gonna enter right there. I want to kill at least one person with the pizza gun. I Miss REJACK!!!

Oh That’s going to conclude our Xbox one portion of this video now were gonna be moving on to PlayStation Alright, here. We are on the PlayStation set up at now. We’re on infinite warfare It just got done installing – which is like perfect timing.

It’s got a multiplayer Update requires restart, of course, we’ve gone through 11 years of coal Duty games so far. That’s just mind-blowing. Yeah I think we’ve got some pretty weird choices on infinite warfare or VN. That’s kind of weird We’re on burst S&G that shoots an EMP launcher. That’s just double you’ve got a sniper shotgun hybrid the Udo Plays a weird infinite warfare. Guns what?

Why don’t my game just black screen what memory error Oh infinite warfare terrible terrible game Unfortunately, not on the green screen so I can’t just like shrink myself But maybe I’ll have a super small face game for infinite warfare. I don’t know the venom ex is pretty weird Think I’ll use the SMG that splits into a melee weapon. That’s pretty weird I don’t think that’s ever happened in a cod game before so why not?

Alright, this is our class. Here we go Put me in that Lobby. Uh what we got if it’s a memory error, I swear. Yeah, of course I think you just had to restart your game to get that to work. Yeah, ghostin infinite warfare that just they’re killing me today They know how much I despise them. So they’re just being really difficult for me.

Alright, here we go up We don’t even have my phone ready and we’re going now click the button putting it down. Let’s switch to the melee mode So we can go punch people already. It’s actually kind of cool boom We can get this guy. I’m gonna switch to this part wait venom X Oh, I didn’t I actually just I want that do it do it.

I Forgot it’s a burst SMG. So that was completely throwing me off. Okay, that’s actually like not that bad though We’ve got two kills already 20 seconds in way to go infinite warfare. Let’s go back to melee mode.

Oh wait. Nope. We’re gonna I Don’t know how to shoot this thing. It’s Do this stuff infinite warfare?

There we go. Looking good Also when I jump in this game I try to jump like it’s advanced warfare. Oh yo, this thing is really good I told you I was gonna set the record on infinite warfare. I called it. We’re gonna do it.

Don’t mean jack my kill I can’t I can’t people checking my kills on here. I’m gonna win I I’m going in I’m super focused Oh, that’s a sentry gun. What the oh look at those our specialist. Oh my god Do not like this game makes my brain go 2 million miles per hour because it’s just so tangible. So what’s going on? Oh my goodness.

We’re gonna set the kill record. I think already did I don’t even know but I kind of know been an exome Oh Mmm, it’s a kill. I don’t know if that counts.

We’re gonna have to figure out the editing I think I actually just set the record with infinite warfare, which is disgusting But I’m pretty sure gonna switch to Cod World War 2 now I’m kind of losing track of what order these games go in partially because there’s so many but also because of all the like the Time era changes. It really is hard to keep track of what order these games came out And I mean that the blunderbuss, you know I have an idea but you’re gonna to wait and see I’m doing some Shipman 1944 24/7 ricochet hard core core core domination I think that’s what it’s called. I don’t know. It’s a lot of words.

I don’t know if I got it, right I actually really liked the whole one or less thing where you just bomb with the random gun So that’s what we’re gonna do Here we go And we’re starting now and I’m gonna be using whatever guns I get and I’m just gonna try to get as many kills as I can and hopefully I could be infinite warfare because well this is shipment in its hardcore. So Weird yet two kills up and I switch to a bat Not gonna be good for hard. Well Do stuff Yes words. I’m oh come on. I gotta do better than infinite warfare those the PT RS. There’s another gun I don’t want to snapper there This is not going good.

Come on Gotta beat infinite warfare. I’m on shit. Now.

I’m in hardcore. This shouldn’t be that difficult why the guns beating so boo? Come on, there we go. There’s a tag 100.

There’s a kill got three kills right now. Ding more being worked anymore Let’s gonna feed come. We gotta feed AB Ritchie. Give me a bread sheet really. Come on, dog.

Oh My what about a get a feed on this game I failed but I think oh I’m eating so many kills I don’t I might be able to beat it. I’m kind of freaking out a little bit because this could be like some next-level stuff Mayim is so cool. Oh I got five seconds to me in there. Give me there. Give me a gun.

Give me a gun. Yeah now That was so fast-paced, I don’t even think I know what’s going on I just realize that completely skipped over a model more free master We’re actually gonna play that I kind of went out of order here, but here’s modern warfare. He mastered I know I already played called it before I’m kind of doing this to make up for modern warfare 2 plus the remaster has guns That the original game did not have I guess I could use the Kimbo Raiders or like to come shot cutsies I guess the BR 9 and then there’s melee weapons as well which Cole did before obviously did not have from the let’s go with The samurai sword and this is gonna be the class. I use I’m I guess alright here We are on bog and we’re starting now.

Um, not the best map for the Rangers might just use the pistol I don’t know. This is interesting what it okay. We got a lot of people sniping on bog That’s that’s really the way to go. But that is who this pistol is brutal This thing is really strong, but it has this disgusting recoiling lab So that’s what I’m using Not the best choice for bog I can’t even see I literally can’t see the dude, but I’m just gonna plop in with the Rangers.

It’s all good Gonna try to throw stun here get me over there You’re done Got the UAV and they’ve got an airstrike. Oh my I could probably still Bluff this guy Get over here get over here fool. Oh I’m nasty on modern warfare. We measure it out with my non original guns Hmm I was trying to reload the pistol I kind of probably still use the shotgun there but oh well Good squeezing in the airstrike and gotten some more kills looks like this team is not doing the best and oh well times up anyway I Kind of miss up and I went out to order but I’m pretty sure black ops 4 is the last game I think it’ll be kind of hard to find out We’re good on black ops for the weapons and black ops were actually just pretty standard kind of a tough call I think I might just use the brecci and then a foodie I’m going for a kill confirmed I don’t know if I’ll be able to beat the cobble or two like eight or nine.

Maybe ten kills record I personally am having a really hard time keeping track of all the kills. I’ve gotten across all the game so far Yeah, we got some Kill Confirmed on Arsenal sandstorm. Maybe I’ll get 20 kills in a minute. Probably not And here we go on black ops four On this ugly poo map, which is actually not that bad I don’t know why I like the sandstorm version of Arsenal actually plays okay At least if you’re trying to use a shotgun because the low visibility actually allows you to kind of get it’s a close-range faster So it’s pretty good. I like it.

I Try to use the new foody I haven’t used this thing at on anyone yet the like the little preview video for its like so stupid But it’s actually really funny where I think a sera WMT just gets launched out the window. I thought that was I actually like really funny. Oh I’m gonna get you I’m gonna get you Okay, there we go we got our first kill and then pretty sure we switch sides by now and weĆ­ll have 20 seconds left Yeah, black guys four Oh, that’s not very good. Oh well. Oh I was gonna say though. I actually am really enjoying proppant on here new town is hilarious when it comes to prop 1 and 30 seconds.

I couldn’t even find anyone that’s black ops war for you. Just trying to console a Runner around and find people I’ll brush you. Fuck you, too Ok, that was every single cold indie game from Cod to up until black ops for – mana warfare – but it happens it’s hard To find matches an old cod games, but thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me use all of these weird guns on all of the cultu the games make sure to leave a Comment and let me know what you think is the all-time weirdest gun in all of the Call of Duty games And which codes again?

You overall think has the most weird guns for me personally I think that black ops 3 and infinite warfare have some of the weirdest guns advanced warfare gets pretty close as well I don’t know for me personally. I feel like all of the futuristic EXO kool duties They have some of the weirdest guns and the rest of the series is just pretty normal But again, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this Call of Duty video If you guys did and you want to see more videos like this in the future Make sure to drop a like and I’ll see you guys later