Spectator Mode

Sports people normally likes to watch sports. That’s just how it is. Nothing like going to your local football pub to drink some beers with your mates and watch a couple of games after playing football yourself. It’s good for the soul for all those who live and breathe football.

But what about us who live and breathe gaming? I think this is what a lot of sports people don’t understand, but we gamers are perfectly fine with spending time watching others play. If they play well of course. And apparently a lot of others agree. Just look at who the most subscribed youtuber is.

A lot of people in the gaming community look down on PewDiePie though, saying that “He’s not a real Gamer”. That may be true, but it does depend on your definition of a gamer. However, he still is a pioneer inside the field of gaming, contributing value to his spectators just like any football team does. It does not have to be MLG to be entertaining.

Yeaah, MLG. The major league. This is the parallell, running directly along with the Premier League. This is where gaming turns into sport. Show this to any typical football player and he will be amazed. Amazed at the culture gaming has managed to build up. They might even make a bid for the olympics some day. E-sports are growing.