Top 25 Android Strategy Games

Crush Your Enemies! Here’s another strategy game that’s not afraid to put you in the shoes of the bad guys. Set in the cliche fantasy world of the medieval period, it’s your job to pillage the peaceful kingdom of Generia, along with your band of brutish barbarians. Already avaiable on Steam, this real-time strategy game can now be played right on your very own screens. Plunders hundreds of villages and destroy properties on its 7 to 10 hour single-player campaign. Or jump right into battle with their online skirmishes. Choose your units, manage your resources, and take out enemy forces with your tactical wits. Who said barbarians can’t play rich casino? It has a Playscore of 8.17. 24. Magic 2015 Before there ever was Hearthstone, there was Magic: The Gathering. But, with its complex systems and gameplay, it definitely lags in terms of user-friendlieness.

Thankfully, Stainless Games and Wizards of the Coasts teams up to create a much more mobile-friendly Duels of the Planeswalker. Conceptualized as a steady introduction to the world of Magic, it’s a much simplified version, replete with tutorials and handicaps to aid the neophyte card-collector. Take your first steps and go against the computer opponents using your preconstructed decks and a little help from the shuffling elves. With its high production quality, it manages to attract both newbies and veterans alike. It has a PlayScore of 8.17. 23. Battleplans A hybrid of all your favorite strategy genres, this C4M’s game combines RTS, MOBA, and base defense into one pocket-friendly battle. Much like Clash of Clains, Battleplans will have you leading your troops into battle ransack camps, and loot resources in their thrilling online PvPs. But, with their intuitive controls, you’ll have direct control of your armies. Lead your chosen units with a series of taps and swipes, and watch them perform the battleplan in real-time fashion.

While it doesn’t have the complexity of most strategies, but its simplified mechanics and cel-shaded visuals makes for a perfect casual RTS. It has a PlayScore of 8.18. 22. Lords Mobile You’ve probably seen this game already, what with their wide market reach that resulted in millions of players around the globe. Move into their magical lands and aid their heroes in a fight against monsters and unknown terrors. Send them to training, upgrade their weapons, and test their skills in the addicting hero battle mode. Lords boasts a deep strategic system that lets you choose between a variety of tactics for your armies. So unleash your inner Sun Tzu, and master the art of war amid the chaos of their gorgeous 3D battles. It has a PlayScore of 8.18. 21. War Agent While most videogames choose to bask in the glories of war Bazinu’s strategy offers a more grim perspective on the issue. Play as a weapons merchant for both side, and control the tides of battle from neutral grounds. Use your influences on the two parties to bribe the media into a Pro-War stand, and lobby the government for continual funds.