Video Game Revivals

Join clans, chat with your friends, and battle with the best the world can offer–whether you’re on the iOS, Android, or Windows. As a cross-platform game, the possibilities are endless. It has a PlayScore of 8.26. 15. Madness TD 2: Tower Defense A visually stunning Tower Defense with a cartoony twist. A sequel to the popular Tower Madness, help an adorable flock of fighting sheep from an oncoming alien invasion. It’s a mad, mad battle against the extraterrestrial threat. Destroy waves upon waves of forces with rockets, missiles, and more. With 16 different alien types with their unique strengths and skills, the fight is only gonna get harder. Learn each of their weaknesses and turn the tide battle. Play with over 70 unique maps, and achieve the highest scores. Become the best sheep commander, or don your inner mountain goat to climb those leaderboards. It has a PlayScore of 8.3.

Heroes of Order & Chaos Trying on a whole new genre, the mobile game giant, Gameloft is bringing the heroes of their renowned MMO to the world of online battle arenas. Team up with friends and strangers from around the globe to decimate the towers and heroes of your rivals to the throne. Choose your specialty hero from a diverse lineup of 57 unique heroes, from nukers, to archers and so much more. For a mobile game, it packs a lot of content. Along with its multiplayer selections, there’s also a solo mode option to fight against bots across three different maps. While it does include Gameloft’s signature in-app purchases, it’s still a worthwhile MOBA for your smartphone needs. It has a PlayScore of 8.33. 13. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Inching towards a Hearthstone-like success, PopCap’s most popular series is moving away from their tower-defense roots to take a shot at collectible card gaming. Bringing along their iconic plants and zombies along with some cool new challengers, put your best root and decaying appendage forward in a fight for glory.

Sharing a lot of similarities to today’s leading CCG, it builds enough on the foundations of their franchise to deliver their own flavor on the formula. Collect your cards, get on your lanes, and enjoy a superpowered Plants vs Zombies adventure. Simple, fun, and incredibly addicting. It has a PlayScore of 8.38. 12. Vainglory Another MOBA game on the list. Developer Super Evil Megacorp gives you something that has already been dominating the Mobile E-Sports scene with its ever-growing roster of heroes and thrilling 3 versus 3 battles. It’s like a pocket edition of Dota 2. Enjoy its stunning visuals, deep strategy, collectible skins and smooth 60 frames per second with responsive touch controls. Just like any other MOBA game, teamwork and skill are required. It has a PlayScore of 8.41 11. Star Wars: Force Arena Light and dark is at another war, and it’s brought all your Star Wars favorites with it. In this deck-building strategy, form a team of the universe’s best heroes and villains, from the classic trilogies, to the modern revivals.