War In Video Games

It adds a layer of depth to the gameplay as you put a blindfold over their citizens eyes and compete with merchants of war. Even with its marked simplicity, it manages to entertain and enlighten. Open your eyes to the gruesome truth. It has a PlayScore of 8.19. 20. Transformers: Earth Wars From the realistic look at Earth’s disappointing affairs, we move on to the comforts of the fictional world. It’s to roll out the Autobots as you dive into a strategic battle along with the towering robots of the hit TV series. A far cry from their usual massive, over the top action, Earth Wars is a more contemplative venture. Choose your faction, build up your army of relatively miniscule transformers to pit them against the opposition. Together with the tried and tested basebuilding RTS formula, it adds a thoughtful amount of Transformers goodness that will satisfy any fan of the series. It has a PlayScore of 8.2.

HEAVENSTRIKE RIVALS Another one of Square Enix mobile-focused adventures, Heaven Strike Rival is a tactical trading card game that takes you to a world on the brink of extinction. Journey across the lands of Lunnain to save the legendary Seven Sisters, collecting over 900 animated cards and units. While it doesn’t innovate on the trading card genre, Square Enix shows their mastery in videogame development, with well-implemented game mechanics, beautiful music, and interesting art-style. It has a PlayScore of 8.21. 18. World of Tanks Blitz The ultimate free-to-play World War II tank shooter is finally on the Android. Take command your fleet of historically accurate tanks, and enter the battlefield in a 7 vs 7 tank battle of epic propoprtions. Roam around the varying terrains of a dozen different maps, along with 200 unique vehicles from Germany, France, USSR, and more. Upgrade your tanks, recruit the best crew, and victory will be yours. With intuitive controls, and personalized missions, it’s still the best Tank shooter, on the mobile and out. It has a PlayScore of 8.26. 17. Star Realms Nothing goes well better than boardgames and outerspace. Starting out as a kickstarter campaign in 2013 and published in 2014, this boardgame is no digitized classic.

But, its received such a startling success since its release, winning a handful of awards, including 2015’s Tabletop Game of the year. With no dice or board to speak of, Dougherty and Kastle’s fast-paced cardgame is relatively simple and made even simpler with its port to the mobile. Choose your faction, build the ultimate deck, and take down your singular opponent in a battle for supremacy. Improving on the foundations of Ascension and Dominion, this game is a worthy pickup for any fan or newbie out there. It has a PlayScore of 8.26. 16. Cloud Raiders Fly off to the skies and discover the land of a thousand floating island. With your ragtag band of raiders, your goal is to rule them all and create the strongest fortress of them all. Line your base with crossbows, cannons, and guns to defend against a series of attacks from your ruthless rivals.