Weak And Strong Cards

The table where it gets very interesting and this guy to my right is betting pretty big and he does some crazy things and then I I copy him and then this this player rage quits because the strategy what I wasn’t fazed up I was just having fun and I think that’s one of the things with blackjack you want to have fun but you also want to win money winning money is fun but like there are situations I don’t know I’m a nerd and by the way we both have soft 13th and the soft 17 so you got to see exactly what a soft is I’m a nerd because I like to see it what numbers like when I see a license plate with like 999 on it I just freak out and I don’t know why it’s so enjoyable so he had a soft 13 he hit a 10 a jack a queen King all tens and so that’s how that works so I hit on that soft 17 you can look at the chart and it says. Find more ifo on online casino games at CasinoSlots.

That’s a basic strategy to do that and it turned out that I had a 17 and I turned it into an 18 if that was a dealer she would have had 21 she draws a 16 by the bing bada boom and we pick up a win because the dealer went over 21 I know this is kind of basic if you play blackjack before some people don’t know the rules so I’m just going to give them to the people so basically with the chart the dealer’s card are on the top the players card is on the left hand side so you have to add those up together and see what the chart says or if you’re feeling lucky you can kind of bend the rules genuinely what you want to do is when the dealer has a weak card such as a four of five or six even a three you want to put more money on the table like this guy just split his two so if you have two of the same card you can split them into two separate hands it’s a good strategy especially when the dealer has a four five or six.

Like I said you want to put more money on the table to try to win at at those situations because the dealer when they have those weak cards are more likely to bust the kind of general rule of thumb is you want a ten to come every time you got to expect a tend to come so the chances of a dealer busting with a for that fours have to turn into a 14 that’s got to turn into a 24 that’s kind of what they what we go right now there’s 2/5 kings there I have a soft 17 so I’m gonna double I’m hoping for for obviously that this is a happen we all have freaking 15s here she’s drawing all the cards in the world get a big card there was not one of those pens we were hoping for it.